Blue Moon Rounder Belgian-style Pale Ale

003Sampler packs are a great way to try out a variety of beer without having to fill up your fridge with beers that you may or may not like. Seasonal sampler packs are even better because they include beers that are made with seasonal ingredients. I’ve always been a fan of Blue Moon but have grown bored of it recently, but when I saw their Brewmaster’s Seasonal Sampler 12 pack with 5 different types in it, I had to get it. It includes 3 Blackberry Tart Ales, 3 Agave Nectar Ales, 2 Rounder Belgian-style Pale Ales, 2 Short Straw Red Ales, and 2 of their original Belgian White Belgian-style Wheat Ales.

The Rounder Belgian-style Pale Ale sounded really good so it was the first bottle that I opened up. The first thing that I noticed was that it had a nice dark amber color. While I was pouring it, I noticed it had a sweet and citrusy aroma. The taste opens up with a sweet caramel maltiness and finishes with a floral and citrus flavor that has a hint of hops. The beer itself is very smooth and medium bodied.

Rounder Belgian-style Pale Ale is brewed with hibiscus and orange peel along with Cascade hops and a variety of malts that include Pale, Imported Caramel, Imported Light Caramel, and White Wheat. This was a really nice change of pace from Blue Moon’s original Belgian White. If you can find a case of Rounder Belgian-style Pale Ale or the Brewmaster’s Seasonal Sampler, you should definitely pick it up. Cheers! 004


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